Returns will be paid directly into the Growers’ bank account on a semi-annual basis, which will be the middle of May and November. Growers will also receive a net return statement from the Management Company. 

Yes. Grower can include a joint holder in each application. The returns are paid directly into the bank account  of the principal holder or the joint holder or a joint account of both person. Grower can decide on the account when filling up the Application form.

The principal applicant has to be above 18 years old . However, the joint holder can be below 18 years old. 

There is no limitation to the number of plots that an individual Grower can invest in. The Grower can invest in as many Grower Plots as they wish, as long as there is plot available.

Yes, a Grower can request for a temporary receipt upon investing.
An official receipt will be issued and couriered to the Grower along with the Stamped Agreement and Ownership Certificate within 21 days from the day of payment. 

No. The master title the land is under the name of Golden Agro Plantation (Mukah) Berhad and the title is held by the Trustee. The rights of individual Growers are protected by the Growers Management Agreement and the Trust Deed stipulated under Section 84 of the Companies Act, 1965.

Prior to maturity in 2032, an Independent Valuer will be appointed to value the plantation. The plantation will be sold based on the valuation and the proceeds from the sale (after deduction the cost related to the sale of plantation) will be divided equally and distributed back to investors based on the number of plots held as at 2032.
Investors will stand to gain a potential capital appreciation from the sale of the plantation as the value of plantation land is expected to appreciate over time.
Yes. The plots are transferable after 12 months from the date of investment. Investors are able to transfer their rights to a willing buyer by simply filling up a transfer form and paying a nominal administration fee. 
Alternatively, Investors can liquidate their holdings by selling the plots back to the Management Company via a repurchase program after the year 2018.
To assist existing Growers to liquidate their investment, the company has also set up an online Trading platform for Growers to list their plots to be sold openly to the market. 
In the event of the Management Company winding up, the Trustee will convene an EGM and decide the best course of actions to safeguard the interest of investors. 
The Trustee has the option of liquidating the plantation land or appoint another management company to continue the scheme.


Growers’ rights are protected by the Trust Deed and Growers Management Agreement signed with the management company.  Details of the termination clauses are listed in the Prospectus and the Growers Management Agreement.
If The Management Company wishes to terminate the scheme early,  they have to convene an EGM with Growers and adopting a resolution with a ¾ majority in favour of such a proposal. 

Yes. The scheme is open for all regardless of nationality. All investments are transacted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).